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  • WwW (Who was Willey)

    Who was Master Sgt. William G. Willey?If you had asked me that question before I wrote this article, the most I could've told you was that in the display case outside the dining hall there is a ginormous trophy named after him that gets awarded each year to a unit member. That insignificant fact

  • Taggart chosen top First Sergeant

    Combat seems to forge exceptional Non-Commissioned Officers at the 177th Fighter Wing.For the second time in four years, a 177th First Sergeant was chosen as the Air National Guard's First Sergeant of the Year, and like the previous recipient - Master Sgt. Daniel Mitchell Jr. - was also with the

  • EOD assists local police

    Early Wednesday morning, March 9, the Hamilton Township police department responded to a report of multiple gunshots in the vicinity of the 3100 block of Woodland Drive in the Woodlands Condominium Complex, Hamilton Township.Fortunately no one was injured, but to find out the extent of the damage to

  • Airman Wins Top Fuel Honors

    U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Alexander Hunter III of the 177th Fighter Wing Logistics Readiness Squadron earned the honor of joining the Elite "Million Gallon Club", in addition to earning the titles of Pumper of the Month and "Run King" during his deployment with the 379th Expeditionary Logistics

  • Excellent

    More than a year's worth of hard work was summarized by a single word: "Excellent." This word and grade ensures the 177th Fighter Wing's future and means it is fully capable of performing its wartime mission - keeping jets flying and taking the fight to the enemy. The 177th went through its first