Welcome to the 177th Fighter Wing

Welcome to the official World Wide Web site of the 177th Fighter Wing. This site is provided as a public service through the cooperative efforts of the 177th Fighter Wing Public Affairs and the New Jersey Air National Guard.

177 FW Federal Mission

"To Provide Combat Ready Citizen-Airmen, Aircraft and Equipment for Worldwide Deployment in Support of USAF Objectives."

177 FW State Mission

Support the citizens of New Jersey by protecting life and property, preserving the peace, order, and public safety when called upon by the Governor. 
Our State Mission is supported by the following 177th Fighter Wing Core Competencies: 
- Protection of Life and Property 
- Emergency Management Expertise 
- On-scene and Incident Command and Control 
- Explosive Ordnance Disposal Capability 
- Medical Assistance 
- Secure/Non-Secure Communications Capability 
- Weapons of Mass Destruction Training and Response 
- Transportation Support

177th Fw Motto

"Local To Global...Now and Always"

177 Fw Community Mission

Participate in programs that add value to our communities. 
Our Community Role is supported by the following 177th Fighter Wing Core Competencies and Responsibilities: 
- Environmental Stewardship 
- Positive Role Model Support 
- Patriotic Encouragement 
- Valued-Added Event Sponsorship and Participation 
- Opportunity and Educational Gateway

Our Vision

"From the Home Front to the Front Lines, Community-based, Professional Airmen, working as One Team, delivering State, National, & Global impact as Full Partners in the Total Force."

Our Values

* ONE TEAM: unified focus ISO the Wing Mission,
   supportive of the "Wingman Culture"
* Transparent Operations and Accountable Execution
* Disciplined/Regulatory/Compliant Approach to Mission
   Execution= Effective/Safe Ops
* Leadership that Empowers, Mentors, & Challenges
* Focused Professional Development: producing
   leaders at Community/State/National levels

177th Fighter Wing