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  • Modern-day MacGuyver

    Unlike most detachments, the 177th Fighter Wing Detachment 1, Warren Grove Gunnery Range (WGR) has less than 10 service members that keep it running.With the range covering nearly 10,000 acres, it is important that the small team works effectively and utilizes ingenuity to complete their mission. 

  • ANG “Fighting Falcons” recall Vietnam Service

    Sometimes history can be elusive, and even events that happened recently can be forgotten. Such was the case of the 177th Tactical Fighter Wing's actions in Vietnam. A hodgepodge group of aviators and maintenance Air National Guardsmen from both the 177th as well as the 113th Tactical Fighter Wing

  • Keep Fighting

    Lt. Col. John Fogarty felt unwell for nearly a year."I told my wife, 'There's something wrong, but I don't know what it is,'" the senior New Jersey Air National Guard officer said recently.A bout of the flu and pressure from his wife finally got Fogarty to the doctor in February of 2012.The first

  • William Tell '84: 30 Years Later

    30 years ago this month, the 177th Fighter Wing - then known as the 177th Fighter Interceptor Group - competed for the first and only time in the William Tell Weapons Meet at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. 55 Airmen with 5 aircraft competed for 23 days, winning multiple awards in the

  • From flight suit to lab coat

    Challenging. Exciting. Hard work. Most would think that these are words that Air Force Capt. Brian Bradke would use to describe his experiences as an F-16C Fighting Falcon pilot with the New Jersey Air National Guard's 177th Fighter Wing, but instead, this Citizen-Airman uses them to describe his

  • From Enlisted to Ace

    (The following article contains quotes from an interview with Maj. Gen. Donald J. Strait, NJANG (Ret.) by Chief Master Sgt. David P. Anderson from the Air National Guard History Program on May 15, 2008.)Donald J. Strait was born on April 28, 1918 in East Orange, N.J., and grew up in the nearby town

  • Fueling Fighters

    Fuels specialists transport and deliver the lifeblood of the U.S. Air Force - aviation fuel! Not only do these airmen help to optimize the transport and delivery of fuel, but they are also stewards of the environment, making sure that fuel gets where it's going safely. After basic training, airmen