New Jersey 100% Free Tuition Program Up to 16 college credits tuition free at any New Jersey State public institution of higher learning. Can be used for undergraduate or graduate studies.

Montgomery G.I. Bill Can be used for any Veterans Administration (VA) approved college or training program. You can earn $466.00 a month if attending college on a full time basis (12 or more credits). Part time students are also eligible to receive a lesser monthly payment. You must enlist for a six-year term.

Montgomery G.I. Bill Kicker An additional $350.00 per month to be used in conjunction with the Montgomery G.I. Bill. You must enlist for 6 years in a qualifying career field.

Other Education Programs In addition to the New Jersey Free Tuition Program, you are also entitled to free College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), College Accredited Training, Defense Activity for Non-traditional Education Support (DANTES), and Extension Course Institute (ECI).

Cash Bonus Some career fields are eligible for a cash bonus of, up to $50,000. You must enlist 6 years in a qualifying career field.

Medical Benefits Available members and their families qualify for Low Monthly Premiums with TRICARE Reserve Select.

Training The New Jersey Air National Guard offers many career fields with in-depth, comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience using some of the most modern, high-tech equipment available.

Base Exchange Unlimited Tax Free shopping privileges in base department store.

Commissary Unlimited base grocery store privileges, save an average of twenty percent on food items.

Recreation Free New Jersey State park passes and hunting and fishing licenses. Use of base recreation facilities such as gymnasiums, golf course, and bowling alleys.

Part-Time Careers Protect America 's skies and serve your country while working part-time for Air National Guard. Did you know that in the Air National Guard you can serve your country while staying close to home, family and friends? While going to school, you only work a minimum of one weekend a month and two-weeks a year. You can earn college credit while obtaining military and career training, which will make you marketable after you graduate. Air National Guard offers you over 180 different career choices including healthcare, communications, avionics, electronics, and more. Find real-time job openings in your hometown.

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