Airman and Family Readiness Program

Readiness is one of the key concepts underlying the Air National Guard. Our members must be prepared--physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually--to be called to duty on short notice. The National Guard long ago realized that readiness was not a purely military matter. A deployed airman is going to be more focused and effective if he or she is not worrying about family and other matters back home.

The 177th Wing's Airman and Family Programs Office support the military readiness of the wing by providing programs that enhance the welfare and morale of service members and their families. It:

establishes a level of awareness among leaders, service members and family
members that encourages retention and improves readiness

emphasizes the importance of the family and supports family member
participation in unit activities

ensures that ID cards and family readiness literature are issued to family

educates service members and families about the existence and nature of
their benefits and entitlements, both in their current status and upon
mobilization, or extended TDY; and

links service members and families with available and appropriate resources

Airman and Family Readiness

Keep up to date with information about retirement benefits and activities at or contact your local Retiree Activities Office (RAO).

McGuire Retiree Activities Office 
Phone number: 
(609) 754-2459 

Mailing Address: 
McGuire RAO 
87 Mission Support Sq/CVR 
2916 Falcon Lane 
McGuire AFB, NJ 08641-5004

Our Values

* ONE TEAM: unified focus ISO the Wing Mission,
   supportive of the "Wingman Culture"
* Transparent Operations and Accountable Execution
* Disciplined/Regulatory/Compliant Approach to Mission
   Execution= Effective/Safe Ops
* Leadership that Empowers, Mentors, & Challenges
* Focused Professional Development: producing
   leaders at Community/State/National levels

Psychological Health

Jennifer Baldwin, LCSW
Director of Psychological Health
177th Fighter Wing
Work: 609-761-6871
Mobile: 609-287-6713

Family Support

Family Support Office: 
Office Phone: 609-761-6248
Work Cell: 609.385.3683